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WWII, Part 5- The formation of the United Nations


Using the information you gather from research, explain the formation and purpose of the United Nations including the role of Cordell Hull.

Why was the United Nations formed? How was it formed? What role did Cordell Hull play in the formation of the UN? What is it’s purpose? How does it serve its purpose?


The Formation of the UN

The History of the UN

The UN is born

An International Organization

Cordell Hull and the UN


You may choose how to present this information; however, you need to be thorough (be sure to answer the questions given in the assignments with lots of detail) and use your own words (be sure not to copy from the websites- Ms.Hopper will catch you).

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World War II, Part 4- Ending the War


Use the provided links and your textbook to answer these questions related to how WWII ended:

What events led to Germany’s surrender?
What were the reasons for the European division of Germany?
What role did the Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge, TN, and the atomic bomb have in ending WWII?
Why did the US decide to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?


Germany surrenders

German Surrender

The Manhattan Project

Oak Ridge, TN

Dropping the Atomic Bomb

Create a foldable, a timeline of events with explanation, a picture book, or google slides presentation. Be sure that you clearly answer all of the questions and understand the events that led to the end of the war.

World War II Project Part 3: The Holocaust


Use your textbooks and the links provided to write an informative essay about the Holocaust and it’s impact on the world. You should type your essay in google docs, and be sure to include an introduction, key points, and a conclusion. You should use a graphic organizer such as an outline to organize your information before you begin writing your essay. Be sure to answer these questions in your essay: What was the Holocaust? How did it impact the world?


The Holocaust
Holocaust Basics
The Holocaust on

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World War II Project Part 2


Compare and contrast different stories from media, and informational text regarding the bombing of Pearl Harbor and its impact on the United States, including the USS Arizona and USS Tennessee and America’s entry in the war.

According to the texts, how did the bombing of Pearl Harbor impact the United States? Did it lead to America’s entry to WWII?


Pearl Harbor
Eyewitness to History- Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor Timeline
U.S. History- Pearl Harbor
USS Tennessee


Create a foldable- ex. 4-door book, informational article with pictures on Google docs, create a graphic organizer that summarizes the causes and effects of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, write a story as a soldier stationed at Pearl Harbor and recount the events of the day using your research.

World War II Project Part 1


Compare and contrast the types of leadership of the following countries during World War II: Japan, Germany, and Italy. Be sure to include Fascism, Totalitarianism, and Nazism. What were the goals of the leaders of the Axis Powers during World War II?


Axis Powers

The Axis Powers of WWII

The Axis

The Nazi Party


Fascism WWII


foldable- ex. 3-tab book, chart or graphic on Google docs, graphic organizer, essay, Google slides presentations. If you have an idea not listed, please see me for approval.

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Women’s Suffrage


As we learned in our studies of World War I, women played an important role in helping the soldiers of our country gain the necessary resources they needed during war. They also stepped up and provided for their families by working and taking care of children. Once the women began gaining so many responsibilities they began to question their right and why they did not have the same rights as men. This began the Women’s Suffrage Movement.
Use the links below to help you create a T-chart that summarizes the events both for and against the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Be sure to include the role of Tennessee in becoming part of the “Perfect 36”.

Tennessee Encyclopedia

Women’s Suffrage Scholastic News

History Net

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The Giver’s Perfect World


In The Giver, they have created a perfect world or a Utopia. Use the following websites to define Utopia and write a paragraph about what a Utopia might be like.

Definition of Utopia

Utopian Philosophy- what a utopia may be like, how to achieve a utopian society

After writing your paragraph about a Utopian Society, compare and contrast your society to a Utopia. How is Jonas’s world like a Utopia? What have the people in his community had to give up in order to achieve this perfect world? Why?

Finally, here are some examples of “Utopias” that exist today. Choose one and write a paragraph describing life in that community including the beliefs that inspired them to create it.

Chinese New Year


In order to learn more about Chinese culture and to participate in an art contest if interested, we are going to learn a bit about the Spring Festival of China. This festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. Before we can participate in the art contest, we need to know a bit about the festival and what the year of the Goat means as part of this festival and as part of Chinese cultural symbolism. Use these websites to learn more about it, and be prepared to share interesting facts about this festival.

Chinese New Year-

Chinese New Year

After you complete your research, if you interested in participating in the art contest- here are the guidelines.
Artwork should be mounted to a piece of BLACK foam core board or poster board that measures 16” x 20” in size – No matter the size of the art, all artwork MUST be submitted on the SAME size board.

The image must relate to the theme of the contest which is, “The Goat Expresses Life 2015”. Each entry should represent a portrait of a goat that includes Chinese symbolism to be a mascot for the New Year.

Each Artwork should be submitted individually. There is no category for collaborative or group projects.

Each entrant should submit only one piece of art; attach one of the entry forms provided to each entry. Be sure it is completely filled out.

All entries must be submitted before January 23rd.

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Paragraph Structure


After our lesson on paragraph structure, I would like you to complete a few practice assignments to see if we are doing better on these skills:
– Topic Sentences
– Conclusion sentences
– Identifying relevant and irrelevant supporting details

Use these sites to practice these skills:
Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Coherence

Paragraph Essentials

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Plate Tectonics Webquest


Use the website links provided, and answer the the following questions. Each group of questions has a recommended website link to search for the answers. Once you have found an answer, record that answer in your journal using complete sentences.
1. What evidence did Alfred Wegener use to support his theory of continental drift? Alfred Wegener supported his theory of continental drift with the following evidence:
2. Why do you think people didn’t believe continental drift theory when Wegener first explained it? People didn’t believe his theory of continental drift at first because…
3. Who were the two scientist that brought forth supporting evidence to Wegener’s theory, and what was their evidence?
(Recommended link for questions 1-3) Alfred Wegener
(cool animation) Continental Drift
4. What are the three different types of plate boundaries, describe each type?
5. Give an example of a location on Earth where each type of plate boundary is present.
6. What are the three different types of convergent plate boundaries?
7. Give an example of a location on Earth where each type of convergent plate boundaries occur.
8. Explain what plate tectonics and ocean trenches have in common?
(Recommended link for questions 4-8) Plate boundaries
9. How old are the rocks off the east coast of North America relative to the rocks right along the Mid Atlantic Ridge, why do you think this is the case?
(Recommended link for question 9) Sea-floor spreading
10. What is a convection current or cell, describe how it works (use a picture if you want)?
11. What are the two main sources of heat inside the Earth?
(Recommended link for questions 10-11) Convection
12. What types of mountains are formed through tectonic movement? Describe each type. Mountain building
13. What are horsts and grabens, and where can they be found? Horsts and Grabens
14. What are two bad things that can happen as a result of plate tectonics, how did plate tectonics cause these events?
15. What are three good things that plate tectonics provide for humans, how do plate tectonics provide these things?
(Recommended link for questions 14-15) Humans and Plate Tectonics
How will knowing about plate tectonics help you to understand the world around you?
(at least one paragraph)

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