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Fifth Grade Learning Explorations

Plate Tectonics Webquest


Use the website links provided, and answer the the following questions. Each group of questions has a recommended website link to search for the answers. Once you have found an answer, record that answer in your journal using complete sentences.
1. What evidence did Alfred Wegener use to support his theory of continental drift? Alfred Wegener supported his theory of continental drift with the following evidence:
2. Why do you think people didn’t believe continental drift theory when Wegener first explained it? People didn’t believe his theory of continental drift at first because…
3. Who were the two scientist that brought forth supporting evidence to Wegener’s theory, and what was their evidence?
(Recommended link for questions 1-3) Alfred Wegener
(cool animation) Continental Drift
4. What are the three different types of plate boundaries, describe each type?
5. Give an example of a location on Earth where each type of plate boundary is present.
6. What are the three different types of convergent plate boundaries?
7. Give an example of a location on Earth where each type of convergent plate boundaries occur.
8. Explain what plate tectonics and ocean trenches have in common?
(Recommended link for questions 4-8) Plate boundaries
9. How old are the rocks off the east coast of North America relative to the rocks right along the Mid Atlantic Ridge, why do you think this is the case?
(Recommended link for question 9) Sea-floor spreading
10. What is a convection current or cell, describe how it works (use a picture if you want)?
11. What are the two main sources of heat inside the Earth?
(Recommended link for questions 10-11) Convection
12. What types of mountains are formed through tectonic movement? Describe each type. Mountain building
13. What are horsts and grabens, and where can they be found? Horsts and Grabens
14. What are two bad things that can happen as a result of plate tectonics, how did plate tectonics cause these events?
15. What are three good things that plate tectonics provide for humans, how do plate tectonics provide these things?
(Recommended link for questions 14-15) Humans and Plate Tectonics
How will knowing about plate tectonics help you to understand the world around you?
(at least one paragraph)

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Monday 11/10 Assignments


Math- Login IXL and make a SmartScore of 100 in Q.2, Q.3, and Q.7, This will help you practice for the Topic 6 Test later this week.

Reading- Finish Reading An American Plague. In Google Docs, create a document and change the name to your (ex. Amanda.Review), write at least 2 review questions from each chapter, and create an answer key. Upon completion, you should have 22 questions minimum. We will exchange and answer questions Wednesday for review before taking the AR test.

Social Studies- Use the following links to learn about Reconstruction during the Civil War.
Kids History
U.S. Reconstruction pages 35 a-d
Digital History

Write a paragraph summary for each of these key points:
- Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction
- Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction
- Congress’s plan for Reconstruction
- intention and failure of the impeachment of Johnson
- 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments
- Freedmen’s Bureau
- military Reconstruction
- Ku Klux Klan and black codes

Science- Use this link to review Chapter 3- Our Universe in Science. Answer the questions on pgs. 188-189 in your textbook.

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Emancipation Proclamation


Use the information from the following links and your textbook to complete the elevator book on the Emancipation Proclamation. The center panel should summarize the document and evaluate the rationales Lincoln gave for issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. On the side panels summarize the North’s and South’s reaction to the document.

Emancipation Proclamation on

Emancipation Proclamation from

Emancipation Proclamation on PBS

Battles of the Civil War


Using this website on Battles of the Civil War create a battle book following the circle book instructions given in class and include these things on each page.

Page 1- Include the name, date, location, and map of the battle.

Page 2- Summarize the battle.

Page 3- Report on a famous person who took part in the battle.

Page 4- Design a monument for the battlefield. Draw a picture and explain the significance of the design.


The Malignant Fever Strikes the Heart of Our Country


After reading Chapter 5- “It was our Duty” in An American Plague, I want you to create a headline for each chapter that you have read so far. Write a short “news story” to accompany the headline. Based on what we have read about the economy during this time, create an advertisement for your newspaper. We will add a new article for each chapter of the book.

In your vocabulary workstation, create a table with the headings: word, part of speech, definition, synonym, antonym in Google Docs. Use this website to find the information for each vocabulary word from An American Plague- Merriam-Webster Dictionary. When you finish, be sure to move the document to your folder.
Vocabulary Words: pestilence, scrupulousness, malicious, conspiring, valiantly, ingenuity, daunting, condemned, quinine, and exorbitant

Preview Fever 1793. Be prepared to discuss these questions.
1. Look at both books and compare the title and subtitle of each chapter.
2. How are they similar? Why do you think the authors chose include a quote from a first-hand account?
3. Why do you think Anderson began each chapter with a date? Does Murphy include dates at the beginnings of his chapters?
4. Anderson wrote Fever 1793 as a journal, what does this tell you about the story before you begin reading?
5. Having read An American Plague, does it seem that Anderson conducted research before writing her story? What does that tell us about the genre of the book?

Scholastic Book Orders!!!


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Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!


I am so excited to have your child in my class this year. Please refer to this blog for updates and published projects from our class. Parents please complete the student information form HERE.

Please be sure to include an email address because that will be how I communicate with you weekly. I know this is going to be a great year!

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Discovery Probe: Multiplying and Dividing Decimals


Here is the probe for your homework this week, but can also be used to help study for your test! Do your best!!! Fractions

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Discovery Probe on Tested Grammar Skills


Here is the link to the Discovery Assessment for homework this week:Grammar
Do your best, these are T-CAP skills!

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Science Test Review


Be sure to know the following things before the Science test next week:

-What are geological features on the Earth’s surface?
-The layers of the atmosphere and their location. What part of the atmosphere does all weather occur?
-Layers of the Earth
-What is a fault? What are the different types of plate boundaries?
-How earthquakes and tsunamis occur? How volcanoes and islands are formed? How mountains are formed?
-The device used to detect and measure earthquakes.
-The climate on the leeward and windward sides of a mountain.
-Be able to explain sea breeze and land breeze.
-A comparison between the climate of coastal areas and inland areas at the same latitude.
-What is air pressure?
-How do currents affect climate? What is El Nino and how does it affect climate?

Hope this helps!!!

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