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Fifth Grade Learning Explorations

Tennessee and Secession


Tennessee was divided on the issue of secession as the Civil War began. Use the links provided below to complete a foldable that explains the reasons for their division on the issue and the events that eventually led TN to leave the Union.

Civil War Tennessee

Divided Tennessee

Scott County

Hurst Nation

History of Tennessee

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Choose one of the earth’s ecosystems:

  • desert
  • grasslands
  • tundra
  • taiga forest
  • temperate forest
  • savanna
  • tropical rainforest
  • marine
  • freshwater
  • coral reef
  • create your own


With a partner or on your own create a food web that would be found in your chosen ecosystem that includes producers, primary, secondary, and tertiary consumers, scavengers, and decomposers. Give an example of each type of symbiotic relationship found in that ecosystem: mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism.

Create a Glog, poster, or Prezi to neatly display your findings.

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What did the abolitionists believe?


Use these primary sources to analyze each of these famous abolitionists stance on slavery. Answer these questions for each person in your journals:

  • How did this person feel about slavery?
  • What did they do to express their stance on slavery?
  • Did it put them in danger?
  • Do you agree with their actions?
  • Write a summary about each abolitionist.

Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass Bio

the Grimke sisters
the Grimke sisters Bio

Sojourner Truth
Sojourner Truth Bio

William Lloyd Garrison
William Lloyd Garrison Bio

Review the primary resources on this site and write a paragraph that expresses your thoughts of the things you saw: Primary Sources from Civil War Era

Be prepared to participate in a class discussion on the abolitionists’ movement.

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Scholastic Book Orders!!!


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The Differences between the North and South Prior to the Civil War


In your Social Studies journal, I want you to explain the major differences between the North and South prior to the Civil War. Use these resources to help you:

Social Studies textbook- pgs. 78-81

North and South: Different Cultures, Same Country

Compare Two Worlds: North vs. South 1861
(Answering the Think About It Questions will help you identify the differences)

The Civil War

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What’s your character?


In a comment to this post I want you to provide at least 2 character traits you would use to describe yourself. Stay positive! After you give the character traits support the traits you provided with details of you exhibiting the given trait.

For example: I am honest. I always tell the truth even when it could get me into trouble. Once I was pulled over for having expired tags on my license plate. When the officer asked if I was aware that my tags were expired, my response was, “Yes, I knew they were expired, and I have no excuse for not having them renewed.” The result of my response was a ticket. You will be happy to know that I went and renewed my tags that afternoon.

I cannot wait to learn more about each of you through your responses!

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Practicing Decimal Place Value


After finishing your STAR Math test, you may practice decimal place value using these websites:

Learn more about decimal place value

IXL (if you remember your username and password) earn a Smartscore of 100 in these practices: C.1-C.6

Decimal Place Value Activity

Expanded form of decimals

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Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!


I am so excited to have your child in my class this year. Please refer to this blog for updates and published projects from our class. Parents please complete the student information form HERE.
Please be sure to include an email address because that will be how I communicate with you weekly. I know this is going to be a great year!

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WWII, Part 5- The formation of the United Nations


Using the information you gather from research, explain the formation and purpose of the United Nations including the role of Cordell Hull.

Why was the United Nations formed? How was it formed? What role did Cordell Hull play in the formation of the UN? What is it’s purpose? How does it serve its purpose?


The Formation of the UN

The History of the UN

The UN is born

An International Organization

Cordell Hull and the UN


You may choose how to present this information; however, you need to be thorough (be sure to answer the questions given in the assignments with lots of detail) and use your own words (be sure not to copy from the websites- Ms.Hopper will catch you).

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World War II, Part 4- Ending the War


Use the provided links and your textbook to answer these questions related to how WWII ended:

What events led to Germany’s surrender?
What were the reasons for the European division of Germany?
What role did the Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge, TN, and the atomic bomb have in ending WWII?
Why did the US decide to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?


Germany surrenders

German Surrender

The Manhattan Project

Oak Ridge, TN

Dropping the Atomic Bomb

Create a foldable, a timeline of events with explanation, a picture book, or google slides presentation. Be sure that you clearly answer all of the questions and understand the events that led to the end of the war.

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